Freitag, 28. Januar 2011

model business

Today I had to find out again how many wrong people there are in the modelbusiness. It is really sad how they lie to you and exploit you. Well they don't even tell you in your face. They talk bad about you to other persons, want to make you stand in a bad light and see you weak. They invent stories, say that you have a psychotic behavior just because you are trying to get the money you have worked for. Unbelievable!!


  1. thats sucks - who fucked you up?
    btw, nice picture it reminds of the one we took about one year ago.

  2. a fuckin bitch from a model agency...
    :D could be that it is the one..??:D

  3. maybe you are right?! anyway -i'll be in hannover from the 26.2.-2.3. - we gonne take loads of new pictures :) i am reallyyyy looking forward to it

  4. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay great..juhuhuhuuuu..haha
    i can see my ass:D :-*