Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011


Hey everyone, as I don't have internet at the place where i stay at (in Berlin) it is kinda hard to keep you updated, but I will do my best. Now I am at a friends place, blogging at checking my mails and stuff. We had sushi this afternoon;) I did a few castings today and yesterday, don't know how it was though. Well at least I don't know if I got a job;) Tomorrow I will post some casting pics. I have more castings to come. And on tuesday I will walk at the fashion week opening show.
Oh and my friend Milena made a new header for me, what do u think?


  1. der neue Header ist um einiges besser ! :)

  2. Ja, der neue Header ist viel besser :)

  3. der header ist super lina.
    ich glaub wir müssen die größe von unserem auch mal überdenken ;)