Freitag, 12. August 2011

ask me


I am writing this blog for almost 9 month now, so I thought now it really is time to get to know each other a little bit better;) You can ask me some questions now and I will try to answer them all. I think it would be great if there was more konversation going on between you and me;) Just write a comment below!!


  1. willst du mit mir gehn?

    [ ] ja
    [ ] nein
    [ ] vielleicht
    [ ] nur für geld

  2. großartige idee!

    -wie bist du ans modeln gekommen?
    wurdest du "entdeckt" oder hast du dich aktiv
    bei agenturen beworben?
    -was machst du neben dem modeln?
    -welches ist dein <3-land?
    -machst du sport/achtest du auf deine ernährung
    oder bist du einfach mit guten genen gesegnet?
    -was war dein beruflich "größter erfolg"
    bisher?/ auf welchen job warst du besonders

  3. Was hast du für Hobbies?studierst du?welche sind deine lieblingsmarken und Designer?was machst du mit dem ganzen Geld welches du beim modeln Verdienst?wen oder was magst du gerne?

  4. just discovered your blog and it's amazing! this weekend i'm leaving to berlin myself and my question is WHERE SHOULD I DEFINITELY GO IN BERLIN?:) i love fashion as well as u do so please give me some advice:) would be lovely!
    keep going dear!

  5. hey there,
    i'm still pretty new to the blogging-world but i really like your blog.
    in order to join the interview-lesson here, i would really like to know if you ever had to ask yourself the question: working as a model or having a good workin relationship?
    as i've done the job for quite some time, i'm really curious about the experience others made while they traveled around the "world" - never able to keep an appointment with private matters.
    what has to happen till you say for yourself: "my private life now is more important to me... i quit!" (i mean, except getting older ;))

    sorry for being so straight but i personally think that a lot us have had these thoughts once in a while not knowing if the chance of seeing the world is more important than having a special someone in his life.

    if my question is too private, don't feel pressured to answer.

    xx manu

  6. tree questions dear lina....favorite music and artist.favorite designer.The strangest place where do you have sex.ciao bella and thanks..

  7. Wie groß bist du und wie viel wiegst du?

  8. i'm so jealous! you have a captain hat. i've been looking for one for almost 6 months already. huhu
    anyway, i like the third pic.

  9. Wie groß bist du und wieviel wiegst du ? Du hast sooo einen guten Körper :) echt perfekt ! gibt es nicht immer viele Neider ? wird dir oft anorexie angedichtet? Rauchst du? Nehmen viele aus deinr Branche Drogen ?