Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011


I had an relaxing day at home today. I made a chocolat cake..yummy:) And was reading blogs, doing some exercises and stuff. This is what I was wearing. H&M jacket, H&M tee, AA pants, TOPSHOP shoes. Haha sorry for my bad expression in the first picture..:D
Oh and I will show you the content of the box tomorrow..I can tell you already, NO pistols;)


  1. Aah, all of your comments had been marked as spam, so I saw them first today :/ Soo appreciate it!!

    And LOVE those shoes.

  2. ich hasse dich! wie kannst du nur in sonen hosen verdammt nochmal heiß aussehn??!!! ich bin so neidisch :p


  3. ich liebe diese high waist hosen - bei weekday gibts übrigens gaaaanz viele neue modell emit hoher taille - eine davon befindet sich nun in meinem kleiderschrank :D

  4. relaxtes Outfit und trotzdem so toll aussehn :)
    ich bin neidisch :D
    Liebe Grüße.

  5. Love This outfit! You have a great style. :)