Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

esmod show

Some pics from the show I did last wednesday, actually it were two shows, cos we had to do it once in the afternoon and then in the evening again;) As you can see on the third picture we didn't have to walk just straight, as usual, but around all the people sitting on the stage. (This is why in total we probably had to walk around 10km, I was completely dead afterwards:D) I walked for Felix Hupka (First picture), Reto Crameri and Giuliana Savarí (second picture). Felix Hupka won one of the prices, so he had to give an interview for the tv, and I was standing next to him, and i must say I look really funny:D


  1. So cool that you are working as a model! :) Do you like it or is it just a tough industry? :)
    With Love, Caroline Svensson.

  2. thank u love:) I must say I like it alot..even though it is tough..:) But it so much fun, so inspiaring..and i love it to always get to know new places and people;) xx