Freitag, 27. Mai 2011


Last night I did a show at a shop opening in Hamburg. The shop is called Stoffsüchtig. They have really cool clothes, some from bigger brands and also from young designers;) We had to walk on the white steps. (2nd pic) and in the first picture it's some of us eating sushi before the event started:D
We had to shows, which means we also had different clothes and make-up.
In this picture you can see the hair and make-up from the first show. We were only wearing panties and then we got wrapped up in see-through foil. We had to present different hand-bags.
Will show you the hair, make-up and clothes from the second show later;) so stay tuned!! hehe


  1. denken die Einkäufer auch an die Jungs? oder gibt es nur was für Mädels? Der Laden sieht cool aus!

  2. mh also i glaub es gibt auch kleidung für die herren der schöpfung:) bei der modenschau sind auch jungs gelaufen;)
    hehe danke liese<3 wobei warts ab fand die bei der 2. show noch cooler;)